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Distributing through various trade channels in Singapore.

Since 1976, Chuan Seng Leong have been in the business of selling fast moving consumer goods, health and beauty products, food and beverage items. Our strength lies in our strong marketing and distribution network, which we had established over the last 30 years in the business.


To become a leading distributor of fast moving consumer goods in Singapore.


To provide the highest standard of service to our customers, maintain healthy growth rate for the Company and giving our employee an equal opportunity for personal development in the Company.

Meet our team!

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Integrated Ordering System

We have a comprehensive accounting software system that interface with the inventory control system providing up to date information on customers, sales and inventory details. We have recently upgraded our system to include an online platform for direct ordering by customers.

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Storage & Delivery

Our goods are stored neatly in well ventilated high ceiling warehouse. Orders are picked and arranged for delivery within 48 hours of receipt of customers’ order. Our fleet of trucks and vans deliver goods to customers diligently and responsibly.

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Administration Support

Our administration team ensure the smooth running of sales and order processing, working closely with Principals for stock replenishment and reporting requirements, supporting the sales team in term of trade issues and promotional and marketing activities.


Our sales personnel use tablets to key in customers’ orders at point of sale.

We have an intensive distribution network for the sale and distribution of our products through various channels.

Profesionally for sale and distribution of our products and with the procurement of more agency stock.

Brands we carry

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