Drapolene Nappy Rash Cream 55g


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cream can be used to:€¢ prevent and treat nappy rash in babies.€¢ help adults
with incontinence to soothe skin that€™s sore/may become sore due to urine
ontheir skin (urinary dermatitis).€¢ treat minor burns and limited
sunburn.before you use drapolene€¢ drapolene should not be used on anyone who
is allergic (hypersensitive) to benzalkoniumchloride, cetrimide, lanolin or any
of the other ingredients.€¢ drapolene contains benzalkonium chloride,
cetrimide, wool fat (purified lanolin), cetylalcohol, cetostearyl alcohol and
chlorocresol which may cause skin reactions such ascontact dermatitis (a rash
or itching in some cases).how to use drapolene€¢ the affected area should be
washed and dried thoroughly, paying particular attention to thefolds of the
skin.€¢ nappy rash – apply drapolene evenly at each nappy change.€¢ urinary
dermatitis – regular application is advised.€¢ for minor burns and sunburn –
apply as required.if the skin condition does not improve or becomes worse, talk
to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist.ingredients.benzalkonium chloride 0.01%
w/w, cetrimide 0.2% w/w.possible side-effects.like all medicines, drapolene can
cause lot:side effects such as skin rash or itching but these are notcommon. if
you or your child feel ill after using drapolene, or younotice any unusual or
unexpected symptoms, tell your doctor or exp:pharmacist straightaway.storing
drapolene cream: store below 25°c. keep out of thereach and sight of children.
do not use after the expiry date(month and year) printed above after €œexp€.further information:
drapolene is a smooth pink cream. itcontains the active substances benzalkonium
chloride 0.01% w/wand cetrimide 0.2% w/w. other ingredients: white soft
paraffin, woolfat (purified lanolin), cetyl alcohol, polawax, chlorocresol,
amaranth(e123), and water.

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